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1. Identify the Cause

A comprehensive evaluation by a doctor of physical therapy to identify the cause of your problem.

2. Address Pain

Use of carefully selected interventions based on your unique condition to ease and relieve pain.

3. Rebuild

Use of therapeutic exercise and interventions to address deficits to rebuild and prevent future problems.

Our 3 Step Process to Recovery


We provide individualized 1-on-1 care based on your unique condition, needs, and goals.

Therapeutic Exercise

Individualized exercise to address your specific needs with instruction in a comprehensive home exercise program.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

BFR or blood flow restriction therapy (BFRT) involves the use of a cuff around the arm or leg to restrict blood flow at rest or during exercise.  BFR allows you to work at lower loads while getting benefits similar to a high intensity workout.  This is important for those that can not tolerate high intensity exercise due to pain, activity restrictions, or post-operative restrictions.  BFR benefits strength, muscle hypertrophy, muscle and cardiovascular endurance, and bone health while reducing pain.  In addition, it helps reduce muscle atrophy after surgery, helps ease soreness after a workout, and allows for a low load workout on a light training day while getting the benefits of a high intensity workout.


Use of silicone cups to create a suction force to mobilize soft tissue, affect local blood flow, ease pain, and facilitate recovery.  Cups are used in a static or dynamic fashion for massage.

Electrical Stimulation with Sensitivity Locator

Use of an electrical stimulation device  that aids in the identification of sensitive tissues, trigger points, or tender points.  Benefits include the reduction of pain and muscle spasm with increased blood flow.

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Use of techniques for the reeducation of movement, balance, coordination, movement and position sense, and posture.

Dry Needling

Insertion of dry needles in affected tissues to relieve pain and facilitate healing.  Can be performed with electrical stimulation for added benefit.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Use of various tools to assist in the movement of soft tissues of the body in order to ease pain and facilitate recovery.

Massage/Soft Tissue Mobilization

Skilled manual therapy techniques to reduce pain, reduce tissue tenderness/sensitivity, and improve mobility.

Spine and Joint Mobilization and Manipulation

Skilled manual therapy techniques to reduce pain and/or improve joint mobility.


A new non-invasive treatment that naturally alleviates pain and activates your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

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