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Campbell Physical Therapy and Wellness

Helping you live your best life.

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We are excited to offer a new advanced treatment option!


Do you have shoulder, back, hip, knee, or foot pain? Do you have any acute pain? Did you know that StemWave is a new non-invasive regenerative medicine technique that utilizes harmless, yet powerful acoustic waves to activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Dry Needling


What is holding you back? Pain?...Injury?...Weakness?  Are you recovering from surgery?  We are here to get you back to your best life!

Don't settle for deserve the best!


Campbell Physical Therapy and Wellness provides individualized care based on your unique needs, our extensive clinical expertise, and the best available evidence.  We provide care that is not dictated by insurance or negative institutional policies.  We provide 1-on-1 care by a doctor of physical therapy. You will ALWAYS be seen by a physical therapist and you will NEVER be double-booked with other clients.

The Practice

In order to provide the best care, Campbell Physical Therapy and Wellness is a cash-based practice. 

A Better Model of Care to Serve You

It's All About You!


We provide individualized care based on YOUR needs.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

We provide an array of treatment options tailored to meet your needs.

Care by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

Treatment by a physical therapist EVERY visit.

1-on-1 Care


We do not treat multiple patients at a time.  This allows us to better focus on you and your needs.


Treatment provided by a physical therapist with over 25 years in the profession.

No Insurance Interference

Care based on your needs without restrictions imposed by insurance companies.

Direct Access Care


No prescription needed.  We provide quick access to physical therapy.


Treatment provided by a physical therapist with multiple specialty certifications.

No Administrative Interference

Freedom from hospital and institutional restrictions that interfere with clinical decisions and adversely affect patient care.

Don't continue to struggle!
Contact us today to get back to your best life.

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